Legal Literature list

Title Author Date
Unfair commercial practices and the offering of obligations: a never ending story? T.M.C. ARONS, J.B.S. HIJINK and A.C.W. PIJLS 2009
Implementation and enforcement of the Law on Unfair Commercial Practices W.H. VAN BOOM 2008
Making contracts: Multi Level Marketing: an unfair commercial practice? E.C. RUNIA 2008
The Law on Unfair Commercial Practices and financial services O.O. CHEREDNYCHENKO and S.H. KUIPER 2008
The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: a fair compromise B.J. DRIJBER 2005
The UCP Directive M.F.H. BROEKMAN 2005
A closer look on legislative practices: an analysis of the implementation of the UCP Directive in The Netherlands L. STEIJGER 2007
Protection of non-consumers through the consequential effect of the "black lists" in the Law on Unfair Commercial Practices J.J.C. VERDEL 2008