Legal Literature list

Title Author Date
Law of 3 January 2008, unfair, misleading, aggressive commercial practices D. FENOUILLET 2008
Unfair Commercial Practices: History and Contents of Directive 2005/29/CE M. KOEHLER DE MONTBLANC and C. HOVNANIAN 2010
Other Unfair Commercial Practices A. DONADIEU and H. LECAILLON 2010
The sale of a computer with pre-installed software is an unfair practice P. STOFFEL-MUNCK 2011
Comments on the consumer aspects of the law on the modernisation of the economy X. LAGARDE 2009
The modifications of Consumer Law resulting from Law No. 2008-3 of 3 January 2008 for the development of competition to benefit consumers G. RAYMOND 2008
Conditional offers, premium offers and sweepstakes are now officially lawful: legal evolution or new complex issues to come? A.L. FALKMAN 2011
The new legal regime of sales promotions, unfair commercial practices : European context and implementation into French law J. MOURRE 2011
Law on modernisation of the economy of 4 August 2008 and reform of unfair commercial practices law D. FENOUILLET 2009
Useful precisions on the material element of the offense of misleading commercial practices J. LASSERRE CAPDEVILLE 2012