Legal Literature list

Title Author Date
The Reformation of the Unfair Competition A. TATO PLAZA, P. FERNÁNDEZ CARBALLO-CALERO, C. HERRERA PETRUS 2010
New relationships between the Trademarks Law and the Unfair Competition Law R. GARCÍA PÉREZ 2012
Denigration as illicit competing practice after reformation of the unfair competition and advertising legal regime. R. LARA GONZÁLEZ 2011
The reformation of the Spanish Law in the matter of unfair competition, consumer protection and retail commerce by Law 29/2009 E. LEIÑENA and N. IRACULIS 2010
The Reformation of the Unfair Competition Law J.I. RUIZ PERIS 2010
The information obligations after Law 17/2009 on the free access to services activities J. AVILÉS GARCÍA 2010
Analysis and development of the law transposing the Directive by Law 29/09 of 30 December 2009 amending the statutory regime of unfair competition and advertising in order to enhance protection afforded to consumers and users B. HERNÁNDEZ 2010