Legal Literature list

Title Author Date
The future of misleading commercial practices K.V. BOESCHE 2009
"Case law" in form of a statute - The "black list" as a new UWG - Appendix I. SCHERER 2009
The new UWG (German Unfair Competition Act) und its impact to the B2B-area T. HOEREN 2009
The new UWG (German Unfair Competition Act) - an overview of the government draft T. HOEREN 2008
Codes of conduct in the new UWG (the German Unfair Competition Act) M. SCHMIDHUBER 2010
The new law against unfair competition - some outstanding legal issues and implications for the travel industry R. MÜNKER 2010
Is § 7 II No. 2 UWG (the the German Unfair Competition Act) compliant with European law? S. ENGELS and B. BRUNN 2010
Unsolicited goods and services - new statutes and new questions, At the same time: Discussion of the verdict of the Federal Court of Jusitce (BGH), dated 17.8.2011 - I ZR 134/10 - "Order Confirmation" H. KÖHLER 2012
Two for one - The new general clauses in unfair competition law H. SCHÖTTLE 2009