Legal Literature list

Title Author Date
The future of misleading commercial practices K.V. BOESCHE 2009
Lawsuit against competitors due to the use of invalid general terms and conditions? H. KÖHLER 2008
The new UWG (German Unfair Competition Act) und its impact to the B2B-area T. HOEREN 2009
Codes of conduct in the new UWG (the German Unfair Competition Act) M. SCHMIDHUBER 2010
Unfair and beyond… C. SCHMIDT 2009
The new UWG (German Unfair Competition Act) - an overview of the government draft T. HOEREN 2008
Summary of the case law in unfair competition law (November 2007 until April 2008) H. KÖHLER 2008
The scope of the application of unfair competition law after the UWG - amendment in 2008 - a paradigm change with consequences J. GLÖCKNER 2009