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Directive article Article 2 (a)
Article 11
Reference Európai Tükör /European Review/, 2009, vol. 9, pages 54-66
Country Hungary Legal Literature date 2009
Author E. ZS. TÁRCZY Author initial
Title EN Regulation of unfair commercial practices in the European Union URL EN N/A
Title HU A tisztességtelen kereskedelmi gyakorlatok szabályozása az Európai Unióban URL HU
Keywords administrative authorityconsumerenforcementGreen Papergeneral discussion on the national implementation

Head note

This article discusses the UCP Directive and its implementation in Hungary, with special regard to the novelties in the implementation law in relation to the previous Hungarian regulations (e.g. new definition of customer, new competent authorities and their relation), as well as the Green Paper of 2007 on the Review of Consumer Aquis.

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