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Reference wbl [Wirtschaftsrechtliche Bl├Ątter] 2009, pages 1-10
Country Austria Legal Literature date 2009
Author H-G. KOPPENSTEINER Author initial
Title DE Das UWG nach der Novelle 2007 URL DE N/A
Title EN Amendment to the Austrian Unfair Competition Act 2007 URL EN N/A
Keywords B2BB2Cunfair competition

Head note

This article first focuses on the correlation between the purposes indicated in the amended section 1 para 1 of the Austrian Unfair Competition Act, against the background of the UCP Directive.

Next, it focuses on the relation between consumer protection and the protection of entrepreneurs with regard to the respective essential effects of unfair practices.

According to the author, the new legislation regarding "advantage due to breach of the law" seems reasonable at the very outset, but raises follow-up questions which endanger the persuasiveness of the overall concept.

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