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Directive article Article 2 (d)
Article 6
Article 7
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Article 15
Reference Revista Romana de Dreptul Afacerilor nr. 4/2008
Country Romania Legal Literature date 2008
Author Gh. PIPEREA Author initial
Title EN Consumer protection in commercial contracts URL EN N/A
Title RO Protecţia consumatorilor în contractele comerciale URL RO N/A
Keywords B2Cvulnerable consumercontract law

Head note

This article explains that consumer protection law concerns the legal relations between the economic operators and the consumer (business to consumer) -- unlike corporate competition policy, which regards the relation between companies (business to business).

The beneficiary of this policy is the consumer, who is considered to be the weaker contract party, who can be prejudiced in its rights and legitimate interests by the imposition of dishonest commercial practices on the part of the economic operators.

Often, by exception to the common legal practices, the law grants the consumer protection in its legal relations with economic operators, and also multiple extraordinary rights (including, for example, the right to annul an abusive contractual clause).

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