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Reference Masaryk University, Brno - Faculty of Law informational system, 2009
Country Czech Republic Legal Literature date 2009
Author T. HÜLLE Author initial
Title CS Transpozice směrnice 2005/29/ES o nekalých obchodních praktikách vůči spotřebitelům do českého právního řádu URL CS
Title EN The UCP Directive and its transposition in Czech Law URL EN N/A
Keywords aggressive commercial practicesharmonisationmisleading omissionsnational lawgeneral discussion on the national implementation

Head note

This article discusses the UCP Directive in general, and more specifically the process of its implementation in the Czech legal system, the relation between unfair commercial practices and unfair competition, and the method of working with the Directive as a one unit.

The article is very critical. Through partial analysis of the entire UCP Directive, it point out its weak parts and especially the risks for the Czech republic.

Towards the end, the article is focused on the possible regulation for the future.

The article is rather descriptive and provides a systematical analysis of the implementation in its entirety, as well as in specific areas of law. The author includes his own interpretation and gives his opinion using illustrations and examples.

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