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Directive article Article 6 1. (d)
Article 6 1. (e)
l1 20.
Reference Pravna praksa, 2011, No. 37, page 15
Country Slovenia Legal Literature date 2011
Author L. REJC Author initial
Title EN Lump Sums under ZVPNPP URL EN N/A
Title SL Pavšalni zneski v luči ZVPNPP URL SL N/A
Keywords advertisementblack listfreemisleading advertisingpriceprice informationtelephone

Head note

The article discusses a decision by the Slovenian Market Inspectorate in which it was decided that certain actions by a local mobile phone network operator are an unfair commercial practice. The trader concerned introduced a new obligatory lump sum service charge for managing the mobile phone number and providing certain other already available services (either free or paid), payable yearly. However, the trader had advertised some of those services as "free". The author analyses this decision from the perspective of the Slovenian legislation implementing the UCP Directive.

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