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Directive article Reference Studia Prawa Prywatnego, 2011, no. 2, pages 33-70
Country Poland Legal Literature date 2011
Author R. STEFANICKI Author initial
Title EN The law on fair competition and the protection of customers in the light of the Unfair Commercial Practices Act. URL EN N/A
Title PL Prawo uczciwej konkurencji a ochrona konsumentów w świetle ustawy o przeciwdziałaniu nieuczciwym praktykom rynkowym. URL PL N/A
Keywords average consumerconsumerfull harmonisationgeneral discussiongeneral discussion on the national implementationtrader

Head note

The article provides a general overview on the implementation of the UCP Directive in the Polish legal system. The author analyzes the basic notions introduced in the Unfair Commercial Practices Act such as consumer, average consumer and trader. The author also provides a general description of the practices enumerated in the Unfair Commercial Practices Act as unfair. He also provides some comments on the model of full harmonization in the competition law area.

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