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Directive article Reference Industrial Property, 2011, NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI SA, Athens, pages 232-234
Country Greece Legal Literature date 2011
Author N. ROKAS and I. VENIERIS Author initial
Title EL § 38: Η Οδηγία 2005/29/ΕΚ και τα άρθρα 9α επ. ν. 2251/1994, Τίτλος σχετικού κεφαλαίου : Αθέμιτες εμπορικές πρακτικές URL EL N/A
Title EN § 38: The 2005/29/EC Directive and Articles 9a seq of Law 2251/1994, Title of the relevant chapter : Unfair commercial practices URL EN N/A
Keywords B2BB2Cgeneral discussiongeneral discussion on the national implementationgeneral scope of the UCP Directivenational law

Head note

The independence of the regulatory frameworks of the Law 146/1914 "On unfair competition" and the Law 2251/1994 “On consumer protection”, which transposed the Directive 2005/29/EC, is maintained. Prime aim of the latter is to protect the consumer against unfair commerce practices which include, besides the general clause of Article 9c of Law 2251/1994, both misleading and aggressive commercial practices and is not intended to supplement the unfair competition grounds in order to serve also as a legal basis for lawsuits between traders.

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