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Directive article Reference Edinburgh Law Review, 2011, vol 15, chapter 3, page 448 452
Country United Kingdom Legal Literature date 2011
Author C. ERVINE Author initial
Title EN Consumer redress for misleading and aggressive practices URL EN N/A
Keywords consumer rightsenforcementjudicial recourselegal actionslegal rightsnational law

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This article discusses the proposals of the 2011 Joint Law Commission and Scottish Law Commission consultation paper, "Consumer Redress for Misleading and Aggressive Practices" on possible private rights of redress for victims of unfair commercial practices. 

The background of the paper is the implementation of the UCP Directive and the remedies available for consumers under the local enabling legislation. The joint commissions propose a two tier-remedy system, with two different tests for consumers' losses.

The article concludes that the reforms will be welcome and much needed.

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