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Directive article Article 6
Reference Aranzadi Civil-Mercantil Núm. 1/2012. Pamplona 2012
Country Spain Legal Literature date 2012
Author R. GARCÍA PÉREZ Author initial
Title EN New relationships between the Trademarks Law and the Unfair Competition Law URL EN N/A
Title ES Nuevas relaciones entre la Ley de Marcas y la Ley de Competencia Desleal URL ES N/A
Keywords consumerintellectual property rightslabellingold case law

Head note

This article analyses whether it is possible to defend precedence of trademarks regulations over the unfair competition law after the implementation of the UCP Directive by Law 29/2009, amending the existing Unfair Competition and Advertising regulations in order to improve the rights of consumers and users.  The author is clearly in favor of precedence of the trademarks regulations over the Unfair Competition Law.

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