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Reference Nederlands tijdschrift voor Europees recht, 2007, 7/8, pages 124-136
Country The Netherlands Legal Literature date 2007
Author L. STEIJGER Author initial
Title EN A closer look on legislative practices: an analysis of the implementation of the UCP Directive in The Netherlands URL EN N/A
Title NL Wetgevingspraktijken onder de loep genomen: een analyse van de implementatie van de Richtlijn Oneerlijke handelspraktijken in Nederland URL NL N/A
Keywords aggressive commercial practicesB2BB2Ccomparative advertisingconsumerdistortionmisleading commercial practices

Head note

In this article, the author argues that the Dutch legislator should be a bit more specific about the conceptual framework used when implementing the UCP Directive in Dutch national law. The legislator should also reconsider the elaborate separation between the B2B and B2C relations.

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