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Reference Banca borsa tit. cred. 2011, 03, 334
Country Italy Legal Literature date 2011
Author V. MELI Author initial
Title EN The application of unfair commercial practices regulation in the credit and insurance sector. URL EN N/A
Title IT L''applicazione della disciplina delle pratiche commerciali scorrette nel ┬źmacrosettore credito e assicurazioni┬╗ URL IT N/A
Keywords average consumerfinancial servicesgeneral scope of the UCP Directiveprofessional diligence

Head note

This contribution focuses on the application of the unfair commercial practices regulations in the credit and insurance sector.
In the first part, the author gives an overview of the parallel application of the Italian Consumer Code and the credit sector regulations, and the consequences of such parallel application.
In the second part of the work, particular attention is given to (a) the extent of professional diligence required of banks and credit institutions, (b) the definition of the notion "average credit consumer" and (c) the scope of the "de minimis" exception in the credit sector.

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