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Reference Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Europees Recht, 2005-9, pages 179-184
Country The Netherlands Legal Literature date 2005
Author B.J. DRIJBER Author initial
Title EN The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: a fair compromise URL EN N/A
Title NL Richtlijn oneerlijke handelspraktijken: een eerlijk compromis URL NL N/A
Keywords B2BB2Cconsumerharmonisationnational lawcode of conduct

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According to the author of this article, there are two movements that influence European consumer law. One of the movements tries to steadily improve consumer rights by harmonising the national laws. The other movement focuses on deregulation, on the basis of mutual recognition via codes of conduct. The author holds the view that the UCP Directive is the result of a distinguished compromise between these two approaches.

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