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Directive article Article 8
Reference Markkinointijuridiikka 2012, 2012, WS Bookwell Oy
Country Finland Legal Literature date 2012
Author E. KOIVUMÄKI and P.HÄKKÄNEN Author initial
Title EN Market practices 2012 URL EN N/A
Title FI Markkinointijuridiikka 2012 URL FI N/A
Keywords advertisementaggressive commercial practicesinvitation to purchasematerial information

Head note

Chapter B7 discusses the obligation for giving material information in case of an invitation to purchase and shortly interprets each subsection of the relevant paragraph in the Consumer Protection Act.

Chapter B8 discusses the prohibition on aggressive commercial practices in advertisements. According to the authors the disturbance mentioned in these legal provisions can for example be a case of direct marketing in violation of the personal data act or the privacy protection act. The article also sets out the relevant paragraphs (and their interpretation) of the Decree on practices on marketing and customer relationships considered unfair to the consumers, which complete the paragraph.

General note

Other chapters of this book are also included in this database.

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