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Directive article Article 1
Article 2 (b)
Article 3 2.
Article 3 9.
Reference Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Burgerlijk Recht, 2008/8, pages 336-348
Country The Netherlands Legal Literature date 2008
Author O.O. CHEREDNYCHENKO and S.H. KUIPER Author initial
Title EN The Law on Unfair Commercial Practices and financial services URL EN N/A
Title NL De Wet oneerlijke handelspraktijken en financiƫle dienstverlening URL NL N/A
Keywords aggressive commercial practicesconsumer rightscontract lawfinancial servicesmisleading commercial practices

Head note

The authors of this article take the view that the Dutch Law on Unfair Commercial Practices and a few sector specific laws on supervision and regulations for the financial sector overlap.

The authors argue that it has therefore become gradually more complicated for companies offering financial services to understand to which of these regulations they are subject, in what way they relate to each other and which consequences follow from the violations of these provisions in a contract with a consumer.

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