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Reference La Reforma de la Ley de Competencia Desleal. Tirant lo Blanch. 2010
Country Spain Legal Literature date 2010
Author J.I. RUIZ PERIS Author initial
Title EN The Reformation of the Unfair Competition Law URL EN N/A
Title ES La Reforma de la Ley de Competencia Desleal URL ES N/A
Keywords advertisementcode of conductmaterial informationmisleading advertisingprecontractual informationunfair competition

Head note

Law 29/2009 of 30 December amending the existing Unfair Competition and Advertising regulations in order to improve the rights of consumers and users and implementing the UCP Directive, has been modified.

This contribution provides an overview of all relevant laws that have been modified due to the reformation of the Unfair Competition Act. Examples include the Advertising Law (the unfair, aggressive and misleading publicity is now regulated under the Unfair Competition Law), the Retailing Regulatory Law (any promotional sales against the prohibitions contained in the law will be automatically considered unfair practices), the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users (there are a number of practices such as not complying with specific information requirements that will be considered unfair practices) and the Unfair Competition Law (profusely amended, mostly with regards to the relationship of the entrepreneurs towards the consumers).

According to the author, the new regulation for these matters will encourage professional bodies to better perform their functions as guarantors of consumers' rights.

The new regulatory framework of codes of conduct is also described.

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