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Directive article Article 2
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Reference Journal des Sociétés, September 2010, N°79, pages 10-19
Country France Legal Literature date 2010
Author M. KOEHLER DE MONTBLANC and C. HOVNANIAN Author initial
Title EN Unfair Commercial Practices: History and Contents of Directive 2005/29/CE URL EN N/A
Title FR Les pratiques commerciales déloyales : historique et contenu de la Directive 2005/29/CE URL FR N/A
Keywords full harmonisationgeneral discussiongeneral discussion on the national implementationgeneral scope of the UCP Directive

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This article describes the content and scope of the UCP Directive and explains its goal of harmonization. It summarizes the distinctions between misleading commercial practices, aggressive commercial practices and unfair commercial practices.

The authors also describe the implementation of the UCP Directive under French law and restate the criticisms voiced by the European authorities on its implementation. They recommend that sector actors and lawyers comply with the recent case law of the European Court of Justice applying the UCP Directive.

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