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Directive article Article 2
Article 5
Article 6
Article 7
Reference IRIS plus (Legal observations of the European audiovisual observatory), 2008-8
Country EU level Legal Literature date 2008
Author J.J.C. KABEL Author initial
Title EN Audiovisual Media Services and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive URL EN
Keywords advertisementAudiovisual Media Services Directiveinformation obligationtelephone

Head note

The author tries to answer to the question of what does the UCP Directive offer to the user of audiovisual media services, by way of protection, in comparison to the Audiovisual Media Services Directive. His conclusion is that the UCP Directive can be used in a defence against unfair practices in phone-in competitions and other commercially-provided services. The provider of audiovisual media services is also indirectly bound by the obligation to provide information under the UCP Directive.

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