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Directive article Reference Oficyna, 2008
Country Poland Legal Literature date 2008
Author M. SIERADZKA Author initial
Title EN The prevention of the Unfair Commercial Practices Act. An analysis. URL EN N/A
Title PL Ustawa o przeciwdziaƂaniu nieuczciwym praktykom rynkowym. Komentarz URL PL N/A
Keywords B2Cconsumer rightsgeneral discussion on the national implementationharmonisation

Head note

This publication discusses particular provisions of the Polish Prevention of the Unfair Commercial Practices Act, with references to current publications, the view in legal doctrine and jurisprudence. The author analyses in detail the requirements which have to be met to constitute an unfair commercial practice caused by infringement of consumer rights. The analysis emphasises the aim of harmonisation, namely the full and effective protection of a weak party in business-to-consumer transactions.

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