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Reference Tijdschrift Intellectuele Eigendom en reclamerecht, 2008/64
Country The Netherlands Legal Literature date 2008
Author L. KROON and C.S. MASTENBROEK Author initial
Title EN The UCP Directive and its implementation in the Dutch Civil Code: potential complications in practice URL EN N/A
Title NL De Richtlijn oneerlijke handelspraktijken en de implementatie daarvan in het BW: mogelijke complicaties in de praktijk URL NL N/A
Keywords B2Bgeneral discussion on the national implementation

Head note

This article summarises the key points of the UCP Directive and the way it is implemented in the Dutch Civil Code. The authors state that the provisions contain very broad norms on the one hand, while -- on the other hand -- they are somewhat limited due to the many exceptions that are made, as well as the fact that B2B relations are not taken into account.

In the authors' opinion, the Dutch legislator's implementation plan will lead to discussions about the question whether a certain commercial practice falls within the scope of the provisions, which will lead to legal uncertainty.

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