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Directive article Reference Państwo i Prawo, 7/2009, pages 59-71
Country Poland Legal Literature date 2009
Author M. GROCHOWSKI Author initial
Title EN Defectiveness of consumer contracts (in the light of the Prevention of Unfair Commercial Practices Act) URL EN N/A
Title PL Wadliwość umów konsumenckich (w świetle przepisów o nieuczciwych praktykach rynkowych) URL PL N/A
Keywords contract lawlegal actionslegal rights

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This article provides a detailed analysis of the rights of a consumer pursuant to Art. 12 sec. 1 pt. 4 of the Prevention of Unfair Commercial Practices Act. The author focuses in particular on the nature of the right to invalidate the contract. He comes to the conclusion that Art. 12 sec. 1 pt. 4 does not create a new form of nullity, but simply applies a modified sanction of nullity from the Civil Code. Moreover, in the light of the Art. 12 sec. 1 pt. 4, only a consumer is entitled to invalidate the transaction with ex tunc effect. The aforementioned right cannot be the subject of limitation.

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