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Directive article Article 8
Article 9
Reference Pravna praksa 2009, number 33, page 14 and following
Country Slovenia Legal Literature date 2009
Author J. DOLŽAN Author initial
Title EN Unwanted telephonic marketing - cold calling URL EN N/A
Title SL Nezaželeno telefonsko trženje - cold calling URL SL N/A
Keywords coercionharassmenttelephoneundue influenceunwanted solicitations

Head note

The author of this article compares the protection available in Germany with respect to cold-calling to the one available in Slovenia. In this context, articles 8 and 9 of the UCP Directive are also mentioned. The author does, however, not analyze whether the aforementioned articles of the UCP Directive (or their implementation into the Slovene legal order) provide any additional protection against cold-calling.

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