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Directive article Article 2 (b)
Article 3
Article 3 1.
Article 5 1.
Article 5 5.
Reference Contracteren, 2008/3, pages 60-67
Country The Netherlands Legal Literature date 2008
Author E.C. RUNIA Author initial
Title EN Making contracts: Multi Level Marketing: an unfair commercial practice? URL EN N/A
Title NL Contracten maken: Multi Level Marketing: een oneerlijke handelspraktijk? URL NL N/A
Keywords contract lawmisleading commercial practicesnational lawpyramid scheme

Head note

This article discusses the effects of the implementation of the UCP Directive in the Dutch Civil Code for multi level marketing (MLM) contracts. The conclusion of the article is as follows: it is (not yet) necessary to adjust multi level contracts between MLM-providers and participants. It is advisable to instruct participants to follow the UCP Directive provisions; the penalty for not doing so could be termination of the contract.

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