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Directive article Reference H. DE BAUW (ed.), Handelspraktijken en mededinging, Diegem, Kluwer, 2008, 331-351
Country Belgium Legal Literature date 2008
Author H. DE BAUW Author initial
Title EN The consequences of the "combined sales judgement" of the Court of Justice of 23 April 2009 for the period before the sales period in which the announcement of price reductions to the consumer is prohibited and for some other rules. URL EN N/A
Title NL De gevolgen van het "koppelverkooparrest" van het Hof van Justitie van 23 april 2009 voor de sperperiode en enkel andere regels. URL NL N/A
Keywords black listcombined offersfull harmonisationprice reductions

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This article discusses the outcome and implications of the VTB-VAB judgement of the Court of Justice on combined offers. It particularly discusses the consequences of the judgement for certain provisions of the WHPC (the former Belgian Law on Commercial Practices and Consumer Protection).

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