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Directive article Reference T.V.C. 2008, 1, pages 25-33
Country Belgium Legal Literature date 2008
Author E. TERRYN Author initial
Title EN The implementation of the UCP Directive in Belgium: bide your time and wait for the opportune moment? URL EN N/A
Title NL De omzetting van de Richtlijn oneerlijke handelspraktijken in Belgiƫ: reculer pour mieux sauter? URL NL N/A
Keywords general discussion on the national implementation

Head note

This article reviews the Belgian Law of 5 June 2007, which alters the Belgian Law of 14 July 1991 on Commercial Practices and Consumer Protection. The author is of the opinon that the implementation is incomplete, and regrets the lack of reformation of the entire Belgian Law on Commercial Practices.

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