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Directive article Article 3 1.
Article 5 4.
Article 7
Reference Weekblad voor privaatrechtnotariaat en registratie, 2009/6821, pages 953-957
Country The Netherlands Legal Literature date 2009
Author T.M.C. ARONS, J.B.S. HIJINK and A.C.W. PIJLS Author initial
Title EN Unfair commercial practices and the offering of obligations: a never ending story? URL EN N/A
Title NL Oneerlijke handelspraktijken bij aanbiedingen van obligaties: een never ending story? URL NL N/A
Keywords aggressive commercial practicesconsumer rightsfinancial servicesinformation obligationmisleading actionsmisleading omissions

Head note

This article discusses the TRE II / AFM jurisprudence (misleading omission towards investors). According to the authors, more jurisprudence is necessary to define the scope of the Dutch Law on Unfair Commercial Practices. They state that the temporal scope of misleading commercial practices in the sense of misleading omissions should be interpreted in a more limited way compared to what the court decided.

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