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Directive article Reference Tijdschrift voor Belgisch Handelsrecht, 2010/08, pages 703-744
Country Belgium Legal Literature date 2010
Author B. KEIRSBILCK and J. STUYCK Author initial
Title EN A critical analysis of the Law on market practices and the protection of consumers URL EN N/A
Title NL Een kritische analyse van de wet marktpraktijken en consumentenbescherming URL NL N/A
Keywords general discussionnational lawtransposition

Head note

The Law on Market Practices and the Protection of Consumers of 6 April 2010 modernises and coordinates Belgian law on commercial practices and consumer contracts.

This article: (1) critically analyses the structure and the provisions of the new Belgian Law, (2) identifies various points of incorrect implementation of the UCP Directive and further elaborates on the consequences of such invalid implementation, and (3) provides for suggestions to improve and simplify Belgian commercial practices and consumer protection legislation.

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