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Directive article Reference E.R.P.L. 2007, 15(1), 169-171
Country EU level Legal Literature date 2007
Author O. MEYER Author initial
Title EN "The regulation of unfair commercial practices under EC Directive 2005/29: new rules and new techniques" - results of the conference which took place on 3 March 2006, at Oxford University URL EN N/A
Keywords competitionenforcementfull harmonisationgeneral discussionimitationtransposition

Head note

This article reports on a conference held on March 3, 2006 at Oxford University on the regulation of unfair commercial practices under the UCP Directive. It discusses presentations on the maximum harmonisation approach, the relationship between the Directive and existing EC law, aspects of the Directive relating to competition law, the influence of the Directive on contract law, copycat products, implementation in the UK, impact in Eastern Europe and transborder law enforcement.

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