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Directive article Reference A. De Boeck en Y. Montangie (eds.), De nieuwe bepalingen in de Handelspraktijkenwet, Brugge, Vanden Broele, 2008, 19-42
Country Belgium Legal Literature date 2008
Author A. DE BOECK Author initial
Title EN The new provisions of the Trade Practices Act and their relevance for the contractual relationship and the terms and conditions in particular URL EN N/A
Title NL De nieuwe bepalingen in de wet handelspraktijken en hun relevantie voor de contractuele relatie en de algemene contractvoorwaarden in het bijzonder URL NL N/A
Keywords contract lawgeneral discussion

Head note

This article (which is part of a book on the Trade Practices Act) deals with the impact of the UCP Directive on contractual relationships. Topics covered include: description of the pre-contractual and post-contractual phases, scope of the new provisions, transactional decision, sanctions.

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