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Directive article Article 5
Article 8
Article 14
Reference Wettbewerb in Recht und Praxis (WRP) 2010, 571
Country Germany Legal Literature date 2010
Author H. KÖHLER Author initial
Title DE "Gib mal Zeitung" - oder "Scherz und Ernst in der Jurisprudenz" von heute URL DE N/A
Title EN "Give me newspaper" - or "Fun and Seriousness" in today''s jurisprudence URL EN N/A
Keywords advertisementtaste and decency

Head note

The author summarises the facts of a case, and illustrates a decision of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH, GRUR 2010, 161 - "Gib mal Zeitung") regarding the question when an advertisement is only facetious (i.e., deliberately inappropriate humor), and when it is degrading.

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