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Directive article Article 5 2.
Article 5 4.
Article 6
Article 7
Article 8
Article 9
Reference Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW) 2010, 1849-1850
Country Germany Legal Literature date 2010
Author I. SCHERER Author initial
Title DE Erdrutsch im deutschen Lauterkeitsrecht - Europarechtswidrigkeit des § 4 Nr. 6 UWG URL DE N/A
Title EN Landslide in the German unfair competition law - European illegality of § 4 No. 6 UWG URL EN N/A
Keywords combined offersfull harmonisationprize promotionvulnerable consumer

Head note

This article discusses the consequences of the decision of the European Court of Justice (C-304/08) regarding the illegality of § 4 No. 6 UWG (the German Unfair Competition Act).

As § 4 No. 6 UWG may not longer be applied, tie-ins in prize draws may no longer be prohibited as long as they are not misleading according to § 5 UWG, or exploit particularly vulnerable consumers according to § 4 Nr. 2 UWG.

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