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Reference Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht (GRUR) 2009, pages 626-633
Country Germany Legal Literature date 2009
Author H. KÖHLER Author initial
Title DE Ist der Unlauterkeitstatbestand des § 4 Nr. 6 UWG mit der Richtlinie über unlautere Geschäftspraktiken vereinbar? URL DE N/A
Title EN Is § 4 No. 6 UWG (the German Unfair Competition Act) compliant with the UCP Directive? URL EN N/A
Keywords black listcombined offersfull harmonisationprize promotionprofessional diligence

Head note

The author discusses whether § 4 Nr. 6 UWG (the German Unfair Competition Act), which prohibits to link a prize draw to the purchase of products and/or services (the ban on so-called tie-ins), is compliant with the UCP Directive.

The author concludes that § 4 Nr. 6 UWG is compatible with the UCP Directive, as it has to be read in conjunction with Sec. 3 II 1 UWG, which specifies the requirement of the "professional diligence", and enables a consideration of the circumstances of the individual case.

In particular, if such tie-in offer is directed at a group of particularly vulnerable consumers, such as children and minors, § 3 II 3 UWG enables a correct interpretation of § 4 Nr. 6 UWG and is therefore compliant with the UCP Directive.  

General note

In the meantime, on 14 January 2010, the ECJ decided (C-304/08) that Sec. 4 Nr. 6 UWG is not compliant with the UCP Directive as this national law does not consider the particular circumstances of the individual case.

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