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Directive article Reference Droit de la consommation - Consumentenrecht (DCCR), 2007, nr. 72, pages 3-30
Country Belgium Legal Literature date 2007
Author DE BAUW, H. Author initial
Title EN The impact of the UCP Directive on sales promotions in the Trade Practices Act URL EN N/A
Title NL De impact van de richtlijn oneerlijke handelspraktijken op de regeling van de verkooppromoties onder de WHPC URL NL N/A
Keywords general discussiongeneral discussion on the national implementationpromotional sales

Head note

This article provides an extensive overview of the UCP Directive, and its impact on some commercial practices under Belgian law.

With respect to the UCP Directive, the author discusses its scope, aim, definitions (unfair commercial practices), prohibitions and approach to harmonisation (based on the Directive's preamble). The author also discusses the Directive's relation with Directives 84/450/EEC and 97/55/EC regarding misleading and comparative advertising, as well as the proposal for a regulation on sales promotions.

With respect to Belgian law, the author focuses on a few specific commercial practices that are impacted by the UCP Directive, such as selling at a loss, displaying price reductions, seasonal sales ("soldes"), clearance sales, combined offers and vouchers.

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