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Directive article Article 8
Article 9
Reference U.2006B.343
Country Denmark Legal Literature date 2006
Author J. TRZASKOWSKI Author initial
Title DA Markedsføring i computerspil URL DA N/A
Title EN Marketing in computer games URL EN N/A
Keywords aggressive commercial practicesharassmentagethreatundue influencevideogamesvulnerable consumer

Head note

This article addresses the relevant issues with respect to the marketing of computer games.

In this context, it mentions several provisions of the Danish Marketing Practices Act, including measures targeting children and adolescents. Such measures are restricted because they are considered to be aggressive commercial practices.

The article particularly mentions the following consequences of the implementation of the UCP Directive in relation to marketing in computer games: advertising breaks, marketing which affect gameplay, and functionality and states that will be forbidden to encourage children to buy products or persuade their parents (or other adults) to buy the advertised products.

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