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Reference U.2008B.275
Country Denmark Legal Literature date 2008
Author J. TRZASKOWSKI Author initial
Title DA Urimelig handelspraksis - europæisering af dansk markedsføringsret URL DA N/A
Title EN Unfair trade practices - the Europeanisation of Danish marketing law URL EN N/A
Keywords aggressive commercial practicescomparative advertisingfull harmonisationinvitation to purchasematerial distortionundue influence

Head note

This article reviews and discusses the changes that have been introduced to the Danish Marketing Practices Act as a consequence of the implementation of the UCP Directive, with respect to the general clause on good marketing practice and the provision regarding misleading practices.

The author argues that although it is stated in the preparatory works of the Danish Marketing Practices Act that the amendments to the Act will not imply significant changes to the legal situation in Denmark, there is an obligation to argue from the underlying acquis communautaire.

General note

The article also contains a review of Directive 2006/114 on misleading and comparative advertising.

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