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Directive article Reference e-commercelaw&policy, Volume 7, Issue 11, November 2005
Country EU level Legal Literature date 2005
Author N. MILLER Author initial
Title EN Commercial Practices: Unfair Commercial Practices Directive: an analysis URL EN N/A
Keywords general discussionenforcementconsumer

Head note

This article discusses the scope of the UCP Directive and who will be included under the definition of "consumer".  It describes the tests which are adopted to determine if something is deemed to be an unfair commercial practice. The article gives definitions and examples of both misleading commercial practices and aggressive commercial practices. It also discusses the enforcement which the Directive allows for.

The article concludes that, theoretically, the UCP Directive should have little impact on reputable businesses, as it does not impose any positive obligations (and also because there is already overlap with existing legislation).

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