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Act no. 250/2007 Coll. on Consumer Protection as amended

Article 21 Sec. 1-3 As a preliminary measure the supervisory bodies shall prohibit placing of a product on the market which is not safe or cessation of an unfair commercial practice. The supervisory body shall submit the preliminary measure in writing to the person against which it is directed, stating the facts based on which it acquired a suspicion of the danger of the product or of an unfair commercial practice. Preliminary measures are subsequently delivered to other affected persons. Written objections may be submitted against preliminary measures within three days. Objections have no suspensive effect. The superior body to the supervisory body which issued the preliminary measures shall decide on objectors within five days of their delivery. Recourse is not available against the decision of the superior body. The supervisory body shall apply the provisions of Sections (1) and (2) appropriately even in the case of other serious control findings and against the code of conduct owner.