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Act no. 513/1991 Coll. Commercial Code as amended

Article 53 Parties, whose rights have been impaired or prejudiced by unfair competition, may demand to refrain from such a conduct and to provide a remedy. In addition to the above, they may demand appropriate satisfaction (that may be granted also in cash), damage compensation and the surrender of any unjustified benefits.

Article 54 Sec. 1-2 The right to demand to refrain from unlawful conduct and to provide a remedy may be exercised (except for cases referred to in Sections 48 through 51 above), in addition to the competitor, also by a legal entity authorized to protect the interests of competitors and consumers. Upon commencement of proceedings concerning a claim to refrain from unlawful conduct and to provide a remedy, or upon effective termination thereof, actions brought by other authorized parties concerning the same claims, which arose out of the same conduct, shall not be permitted. The above shall not affect the right of such other parties to join the proceedings as adjacent participants according to the general provisions. Final rulings on such claims concerning the action brought by any one of the claimants, shall be effective also vis-a-vis the other authorized persons.

Article 55 Sec. 1-2 Upon proposal of any party or ex officio the court may decide to close the hearings held within the framework of the proceedings above to the general public, whenever a public hearing would threaten business secrets or a public interest. The court may in its ruling confer to the winning party the right to publish such a ruling at the expense of the losing party, and, as appropriate, specify also the extent, the form and the terms of publishing of the ruling concerned.