The Netherlands

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(Dutch) Civil Code

6:193 f In case of commercial communication, including advertising or marketing, the information required under or by virtue of the following Articles is material, within the meaning of the second point of Article 193d: a. Article 15d points 1 and 2 and Article 15e point 1 of Volume 3; b. Article 46c point 1 of Volume 7; c. Article 48f points 1 and 2 of Volume 7; d. Article 501 point 1 of Volume 7; e. Articles 73 to 75 of the Geneesmiddelenwet (Medicines Act); f. Articles 4:20, 4:73 and 5:13 of the Wet op het financieel toezicht (Financial Supervision Act); g. Article 2b of the Prijzenwet (Prices Act).