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Consumer Protection Bill 2007

Section 43(3)(b) (b) the main characteristics of a product, including, without limitation, any of the following: (i) its geographical origin or commercial origin; (ii) its availability, including, without limitation, its availability at a particular time or place or at a particular price; (iii) its quantity, weight or volume; (iv) its benefits or fitness for purpose; (v) the results to be expected from it; (vi) the risks it presents to consumers; (vii) its usage or prior history; (viii) its composition, ingredients, components or accessories; (ix) the specifications of the product, including, without limitation, the grade, standard, style, status or model of the product; (x) the after-supply customer assistance available to consumers in relation to the product; (xi) the handling of consumer complaints in relation to the product; (xii) the method or date of— (I) the product’s delivery, supply or provision, or (II) in the case of goods, the product’s manufacture; (xiii) the results and material features of tests or checks carried out on the product; (xiv) in relation to a service, its execution or performance;