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Consumer Protection Bill 2007

Section 2(1) “ product ” means goods or services; “ goods ” means real or personal property of any nature or description, and includes— (a) ships, aircraft or other vehicles, (b) animals, (c) minerals, trees or crops, whether on, under or attached to land or not, (d) gas, electricity or water, (e) computer software, (f) tickets or like evidence of a right to be in attendance at a particular place at a particular time or times or a right of transportation, (g) any voucher, coupon or other document or thing intended to be used as a substitute for money in the payment, in whole or in part, for a product or otherwise exchanged for a product, and (h) any description of interest (present or future, vested or contingent) or obligation arising out of or incidental to goods; “ services ” means any service or facility provided for gain or reward or otherwise than free of charge, including, without limitation— (a) services or facilities for— (i) banking, insurance, grants, loans, credit or financing, (ii) amusement, cultural activities, entertainment, instruction, recreation or refreshment, (iii) accommodation, transport, travel, parking or storage, or (iv) the care of persons, animals or things, (b) membership in a club or organisation or any service or facility provided by the club or organisation, and (c) any rights, benefits, privileges, obligations or facilities that are, or are to be provided, granted or conferred in the course of services, but does not include services provided under a contract of employment;