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LAW 3587 Amendment and supplementation of Law 2251/1994 on "Consumers'' protection" as in effect

13 par. 20 Class actions referred to in paragraph 16(a) and (b) shall be tried according to the procedure of the voluntary jurisdiction on the next available date for a hearing. The court may order the provisional enforcement of the judgement. The legal consequences of the judgement shall apply to all persons even if they are not parties to the action. The res judicata of the judgement which admits the action in paragraph 16(d) in whole or in part shall apply in favour of prejudiced consumers even if they did not participate in the relevant trial. Where a court judgement in a class action referred to in paragraph 16(d) becomes irrevocable, a prejudiced consumer may, on the basis of that judgement, notify the supplier in writing against whom that judgement was issued, of his claim and providing specific details thereof. 30 days after that written notification, where the claim is not satisfied, consumers may request that a payment order be issued for that claim by the court, where it is settled or may be easily settled. This claim shall be proved using all private documents which, due to the type of transaction or from habit, are given as proof to consumers. Consumer claims deriving from unlawful conduct, other than those cited in paragraphs 16(a) to (d) shall not be affected. The right of consumers to open an individual action shall not be affected by dismissal of an action by consumer associations in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 16.