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Act amending Chapter 2 of the Consumer Protection Act

2:18ยง Regional Administrative Office may impose prohibitions under Section 16 in matters involving practices that are in violation of the provisions governing the disclosure of the price of a property or a product, if the illegality of the practice is manifest and the practice of compliance with said provisions has been established in similar cases. Decisions of the Regional Administrative Offices are not open to appeal. Traders may lodge appeals against prohibitions imposed under the first paragraph with the Market Court within fourteen days of being informed of the decision. After this time, the decision becomes final. The Regional Administrative Offices may reinforce prohibitions by a penalty. The level of penalties to be paid shall be determined by the Market Court. Regional Administrative Offices must reserve traders an opportunity to be heard before imposing prohibitions under the first paragraph. Regional Administrative Offices must issue written decisions of any prohibitions imposed under the first paragraph and ensure that the interested parties are informed of said decisions.