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The Marketing Practices Consolidation Act

Section 22 (1) It is the responsibility of the Consumer Ombudsman to monitor compliance with this Act and the executive orders issued pursuant to this Act, especially in the interests of consumers. (2) The Consumer Ombudsman may require the disclosure of all details considered necessary for his activities, including a decision as to whether a matter falls within the purview of the Act. Such disclosure may be required within a short time limit where comparative advertising is concerned or when considered necessary under the circumstances. (3) The Consumer Ombudsman will be appointed by the Minister for Economic and Business Affairs for a period of six years, and may be discharged without application only if such discharge is for health reasons, or if the individual concerned is unfit to remain in the post as a result of criminality, misconduct in service or fraud. Employment ceases automatically at the end of the month in which the individual concerned reaches the age of 70. No extension or reappointment is permitted. The Consumer Ombudsman shall fulfil the general conditions for appointment as a judge. (4) No appeal may be lodged against the Consumer Ombudsman’s rulings under this Act before any other administrative authority. (5) The Minister for Economic and Business Affairs lays down more detailed regulations governing the activities of the Consumer Ombudsman.