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Law amending the Consumer Protection Act

178, par.1 For infringement of the rights provided for them by this Act, the consumers and the Consumer Associations are entitled to present reports, complaints and claims to the regulatory bodies, which perform consumer protection functions. The copies of reports, complaints and claims may be sent to the above-mentioned bodies.

Competition Protection Act

38, par.1 The Commission may institute poceedings: 1. by resolution of the Commission; 2. upon a prosecutor's request; 3. upon request by entities whose interests are affected or threatened by a violation hereof; 4. upon request for lifting a penalty; 5. upon request by those whose interests are affected by acts issued contrary hereto; 6. based on a notification of permission for concentration of undertakings; 7. upon request by another national antitrust authority of a European Union Member State, or by the European Commission, as provided for in Article 20, paragraph (5) and Article 22 of Regulation (EC) No. 1/2003, as well as Article 12 and Article 13, paragraph (5) of Regulation (EC) No. 139/2004; 8. when a government authority, including bodies of the executive or local self-government bodies, request an opinion.