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Law amending the Consumer Protection Act

68 (k), point 3 The following aggressive commercial practices shall also be regarded as unfair: making persistent and unwanted commercial communication by telephone, fax, e-mail or any other means of telecommunication except to carry out a contractual obligation as provided for by law and without violating the provisions of Article 49 of this Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and Article 6 of the Electronic Commerce Act;

Electronic Commerce Act

6 (1) A service provider who sends unwanted commercial communication via e-mail without addressee's preliminary consent shall be under the obligation to provide clear and unambiguous identification of the commercial communication as an unwanted one yet on the entrance with the receiver. (2) Commission for Consumer Protection shall keep an electronic register of the e-mail addresses of the legal persons that do not wish to receive unwanted commercial communication, following a procedure established in a regulation adopted by the Council of Ministers. (3) Sending unwanted commercial communication to e-mail addresses, entered into the register under paragraph (2), shall be forbidden. (4) Sending unwanted commercial communication to consumers without their preliminary consent shall be forbidden. Commercial communication for persons with regulated professions